Warehouse owners and developers

Vattenfall IDNO provides warehouse developers and warehouse owners with new and upgraded electrical grid connections. with the added benefit of Asset Adoption Value payments and value-engineered designs.

As a fully licensed IDNO, we provide an alternative to working with your local DNO and deliver cost-effective grid connections via a simple, managed process with a single point of contact.

Working alongside your existing Independent Connection Provider (ICP), or via one of our recommended contractors, we review and approve technical designs and finance the latest climate-smart technologies to power your project. We have developed trusted relationships with a network of ICPs, who can provide fast-response callouts in any area of the UK.

Asset Adoption Values are calculated on a case-by-case basis and can significantly reduce the cost of a grid connection - read more about Asset Adoption Values.

Why choose Vattenfall IDNO?

  • Vattenfall is a long-standing business owned by the Swedish state, ensuring long-term stability for warehouse developers and owners.
  • Our reliable process guarantees the delivery of your connection and Asset Adoption Value (AAV) on time.
  • We provide a single point of contact to support warehouse developers throughout the process.
  • Flexible deal structures are available for complex and detailed network warehouse sites.
  • We have experience integrating EV charging and on-site generation to support your network warehouse development.
  • We have dedicated legal resources to help warehouse owners manage wayleaves and complex multi-tenant sites.
  • We maintain solid working relationships and framework agreements with numerous ICPs, should you be seeking one.

We aim to provide warehouse developers and owners a viable alternative to the traditional DNO, with our robust IDNO solutions.

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