Commercial developers

Vattenfall IDNO offers commercial developers an improved route for securing grid capacity for both new and upgraded electrical grid connections. These services come with additional benefits such as Asset Adoption Value payments, value-engineered designs, and support for capacity rollout.

As a fully licensed IDNO, we provide an alternative to working with your local DNO and deliver cost-effective grid connections via a simple, managed process with a single point of contact. You may see your local DNO as the safe option, however, this route can bring delays and higher costs, due to the DNO’s priorities and processes. Vattenfall IDNO by comparison takes a customer-centric approach to prioritise customer needs.

The Asset Adoption Values that we offer commercial developers are calculated on a case-by-case basis, and can significantly reduce the cost of a grid connection - read more about Asset Adoption Values.

Working alongside your existing Independent Connection Provider (ICP), or via one of our recommended contractors, we review and approve technical designs and finance the latest climate-smart technologies to power your project. We have developed trusted relationships with a network of ICPs who can provide fast-response callouts in any area of the UK.

As a licensed IDNO, we have developed strong working relationships with the DNOs which can assist with the timeline and application process for your grid connection.

We are well-versed in working with developers as plots are sold on and tenants remain free to select the energy provider of their choice.

Reduced risk

We work alongside our partner ICPs to help clients identify the best strategies to reduce financial outlay and structure deals to reduce developer risk. For example, we recently augmented our offer for a major commercial developer to cover the costs of a new substation, reducing the clients’ financial exposure and risk during the construction phase of the project.

Why should commercial developers choose Vattenfall IDNO?

  • Vattenfall is a long-standing business owned by the Swedish state which is in business for the long term
  • We assure commercial developers of a reliable process to deliver your grid connection and Asset Adoption Value on time
  • A single point of contact to guide commercial developers through the process
  • Flexible deal structures available for complex and detailed sites
  • We have experience integrating EV charging and onsite generation to support your development
  • We have dedicated legal resources to assist commercial developers in managing wayleaves and complex multi-tenant sites
  • We have good working relationships and framework agreements with many ICPs, if you’re seeking an ICP

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Case study:

One example of our work with commercial developers is Edinburgh Park which highlights a range of the benefits which the developer gained by working with Vattenfall IDNO on this large, mixed-use development. The project included:

  • A bespoke deal structure to suit the developers needs to
  • A tie in with our district heating business
  • Committed resources over long time scales