Vattenfall IDNO is an Ofgem regulated Independent Distribution Network Operator. We own and maintain electrical network infrastructure to ensure safe and reliable supplies for our customers.


Vattenfall IDNO is part of Vattenfall Group, a Swedish state backed energy company established over 100 years ago which employs more than 20,000 people.


Vattenfall is an independent IDNO - our core focus is establishing high quality electrical networks. We are open to working with any Independent Connection Provider.


Safety is our top priority at Vattenfall and one of our core values. We care about the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers, the environment and wider society.

As a licenced IDNO we adopt and maintain electricity networks.
We provide an alternative to working with your local DNO
and pay business owners and developers an Asset Adoption Value.

We adopt and improve new network connections and pay developers an Asset Adoption Value.

We work in partnership with ICPs to provide asset adoption offers that help win projects.

Read how Independent Distribution Network Operators differ from DNOs.

News and insights

ICP update

Vattenfall works in partnership with Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) by providing asset adoption offers that help win projects

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The future is electrification

The journey to fossil free energy will see the phasing out of gas in favour of all electric sites powered by renewables.

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Low carbon housing

IDNOs offer Housing Associations and Local Authorities a route to lower cost, lower carbon homes.

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