Regulatory Info

Vattenfall’s IDNO business, Vattenfall Networks Ltd, holds a licence from Ofgem to own and operate regulated electricity distribution networks. Please see below for more information about how we comply with the terms of our electricity distribution licence and the relevant regulations.

Premises and Representatives

Vattenfall will not not normally need to visit our customers premises. In rare circumstances we may need to visit to fit or read meters or deal with faults. If we do need to visit your premises we will we ensure that our representatives follow our code of conduct and are professional, efficient and thorough while performing their jobs.

Any representatives that visit your premises will explain the reason for calling and who they are. If you have any questions or concerns about our services, the caller will be able to provide you with a phone number to contact.

Legally and functionally separated operations

Distribution of electricity is a regulated business. Electricity is distributed to end-customers through regional and local electricity networks.

The companies in the Vattenfall Group that conduct network operations are, in terms of organisation and decision-making, independent from the companies in the Vattenfall Group that generate, sell or trade in electricity. In organisational terms, Distribution reports directly to Vattenfall's CEO.

More regulatory information

More regulatory information is available from the following websites. If you have questions or require additional information about our regulatory information please contact

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