Electrical construction: Pioneering partnership strives for net zero construction value chain

  • A pioneering pioneering partnership, led by Vattenfall IDNO, has reduced the carbon footprint of construction activities to install electric vehicle charging points
  • Electrical infrastructure at a Volvo Cars dealership installed using zero-emission electric compact excavator by Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE)
  • Independent Connector Provider Pascon Utility Connections installed the electrical network infrastructure
  • Vattenfall IDNO will adopt and provide ongoing O&M for the new infrastructure between the customer’s point of supply and the connection point at the local grid including the onsite substation switchgear and cabling.

A pioneering partnership between Vattenfall IDNO, Volvo CE, SMT and Pascon Utility Connections has seen the organisations collaborating through electrical construction to build a net zero future by looking at their entire value chain and ensuring a low carbon footprint for the construction and installation of electric vehicle charging points at a Volvo Cars dealership at Shrewsbury.

In a step towards fossil fuel free construction, the electrical infrastructure was installed using a Volvo ECR25 Electric, a 2.5 tonne electric compact excavator, supplied by SMT, Volvo CE’s exclusive distribution partner for Great Britain Delivering the same strong performance as its diesel counterpart, this machine not only produces zero emissions, but thanks to its near silent operation and reduced vibrations, provides a much more comfortable work environment for everyone nearby. Electric machines like the ECR25 Electric play a key role in the company’s ambitions to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

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Vattenfall, the Independent Distribution Network Operator, has been contracted by Independent Connection Provider Pascon Utility Connections to take ownership of the High Voltage private network cables from the grid connection point, to the Low Voltage supply point for the electric vehicle charging points.

From left, Keith Irwin, Business Development Manager at Vattenfall Networks UK and Dan Arkell, Business Development Manager at Pascon

Darren Fitch, Head of UK Sales Area at Volvo CE, said:

“We believe in the power of partnership to accelerate our goals towards a carbon neutral future. A global transition to electric vehicles powered by renewable energy is fundamental to those ambitions, so it is great to see a more sustainable way of working in place right from the beginning: building the electric infrastructure we need with electric construction machines like our ECR25 Electric. It is clear that working together with forward-thinking partners like Vattenfall and Pascon Utility Connections, we can build the world we want to live in, the right way.”

Stewart Dawson, Managing Director at Vattenfall IDNO said:

“Vattenfall work with our partners to reduce carbon emissions wherever possible, and we are delighted to be working with Volvo CE and Pascon Utility Connections on this innovative project. Partnerships like this are important to enable us to meet the climate challenge. By connecting Pascon Utility Connections with SMT, the suppliers of the electric digger, we have been able to reduce emissions from the installation of our cabling and the other on-site works.

“Electrical construction of transport services is core to our strategy to power climate smarter living. As demand for electric vehicle charging grows, our strengthened, smart, electricity networks are going to be the thread that ties the whole plan for reaching net zero together.”

Dan Arkell, Business Development Manager at Pascon Utility Connections said:

“At Pascon Utility Connections we are aware that the construction sector is responsible for approx. 25% of global greenhouse gases. As a company we are always looking for innovative opportunities to minimise any effect that our operations have on the environment, so we are excited to work with Volvo CE as they bring electric excavators into site work. The building and construction industry is notoriously slow to adapt to change and we all know the use of electric vehicles is one of the many ways we can all move towards decarbonisation. Pascon Utility Connections have a goal of working towards a net zero transition and we hope other companies also see the benefits of utilising the emerging electric plant market.”

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