Electrification of Homes

Learn how Vattenfall IDNO can help UK developers with electrification of homes, by delivering all electric sites to meet current and future carbon reduction targets.

The journey to electrification of homes and fossil free energy will see the phasing out of gas in favour of all electric sites powered by renewables.

New plans from the UK government mean that gas boilers could be banned in all new UK homes by 2025.

The Scottish government has proposed similar rules to ensure all new homes built in Scotland use renewable or low-carbon heating from 2024. The plans are designed to help the UK meet its targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 (on 1990 levels).

In Sweden homes have not been heated with gas for decades. This has provided Vattenfall with unparalleled experience of the electrification of homes, including planning, designing and running all electric developments.

Vattenfall IDNO are now transferring this knowledge and experience to help UK developers meet their current and future carbon reduction targets.


Electrification of homes is growing at an exponential rate and is a transformative tool to enable fossil free living within one generation.

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Stewart Dawson, Managing Director of Vattenfall Networks in the UK, explains the drive for all electric networks.

Vattenfall specialise in delivering climate smart solutions to meet energy demands for buildings and new developments, whilst at the same time meeting climate targets. By bringing fossil free electricity to new sectors and contexts, we can contribute to economic growth and social progress whilst minimising climate impact.

Vattenfall IDNO can help UK developers deliver all electric sites to meet current and future carbon reduction targets.

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