Independent Connection Providers

Vattenfall works in partnership with Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) by providing asset adoption offers that help win projects. Vattenfall IDNO provides strong commercial offers, which help reduce risks for ICP's clients, and provide greater flexibility and support than working with DNOs.


Working with Vattenfall IDNO provides numerous benefits for ICPs including:

  • Strong commercial offers to help you win more projects. We are keen to support new grid connections, from renewable energy generation plant through to major commercial and residential developments and provide competitive Asset Value Payments. Vattenfall IDNO is part of Vattenfall AB, which holds over £2 billion in investments.
  • Reduced risk. We work alongside ICPs to help clients identify the best strategies to reduce financial outlay and structure deals to reduce developer risk. For example, we recently augmented our offer for a major commercial developer to cover the costs of a new substation, reducing the clients' financial exposure and risk during the construction phase of the project.
  • Increased flexibility. Working as a partner, alongside ICPs, we are able to customize our offers to the clients' specific needs and deliver fast and cost-effective services that are tailor made for each specific project.
  • Support for low carbon technologies. Vattenfall is committed to delivering fossil-free living within one generation. New electrical connections provide a golden opportunity to future-proof electricity networks. We support integrations with climate-smart technologies and services such as electric vehicle charging, smart energy management services, electricity storage and micro-generation.
  • Increased opportunities & sales. Working in partnership with ICPs is a two-way street. As we develop deeper relationships with our ICP partners we work to develop a shared pipeline of opportunities, passing on opportunities we receive from developers and embedding our ICP partners into tenders and project bids.

Examples projects with ICPs

  • 4.5MW solar connection - bringing more renewable energy into the UK electricity grid.
  • A new 11kV connection for an innovative processing plant, with an import capacity of 5 mega volt amps, which will be adopted by Vattenfall Networks once the connection becomes live.
  • New supply connections for a 100% electric, mixed use development site including 1,000,000 sq ft of commercial space, 1,800 homes, a 200-seat conference facility, plus a range of cafés, bars and restaurants.

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